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  1. Orwell:
    Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.

  2. Understanding and Explaining

    Understanding: snake with red strip equals danger
    Explaining: When it rains, the gods are taking a leak.

  3. While the assault on Iraq was disemembering a people and a country, Pinter noted in 2004 that in the collective culture of empire, “Nothing ever happens even as it’s happening.” Therefore, along the ecocidal and homicidal path of empire, the victims—the legions of unremembered dead—remain namelss and uncounted.

  4. “There is, let me assure you, nothing in nature more egocentric than embattled democracy. It soon becomes the victim of its own propaganda. It then tends to attach to its own cause an absolute value which distorts its own vision … Its enemy becomes the embodiment of all evil. Its own side is the centre of all virtue.”

    – cold war, George Kennan, a leading American foreign policy strategist

  5. Violence, violence and violence.

  6. Bugimen
    I had a romanticized vision of Indonesia, the country where I was t o
    live for the next three months . Some of the books I read featured
    photographs of beautiful women in brightly colored sarongs, exoti c
    Balinese dancers, shamans blowing fire, and warriors paddling lon g
    dugout canoes in emerald waters at the foot of smoking volcanoes .
    Particularly striking was a series on the magnificent black-saile d
    galleons of the infamous Bugi pirates, who still sailed the seas of th e
    archipelago, and who had so terrorized early European sailors tha t
    they returned home to warn their children, “Behave yourselves, o r
    the Bugimen will get you .” Oh, how those pictures stirred my soul.

  7. “I gave an example of our most recognizable symbol. It is a bear protecting his taiga. … [M]aybe it would be best if our bear just sat still. Maybe he should stop chasing pigs and boars around the taiga but start picking berries and eating honey. Maybe then he will be left alone.

    “But no, he won’t be! Because someone will always try to chain him up. As soon as he’s chained they will tear out his teeth and claws. In this analogy, I am referring to the power of nuclear deterrence. As soon as – God forbid – it happens and they no longer need the bear, the taiga will be taken over. … And then, when all the teeth and claws are torn out, the bear will be of no use at all. Perhaps they’ll stuff it and that’s all.

    “So, it is not about Crimea but about us protecting our independence, our sovereignty and our right to exist. That is what we should all realize.”

  8. Hiding behind black ink – CIA torture and orther goverments

    However, the amount of black ink throughout the document indicates how extensively other countries are implicated—with Europe playing a lead role.

  9. Mind and heart.
    The thinking is sound. But the energy that communicates it feels dark.

  10. Love will not be taken for granted.
    It needs to flow, be shared and most of all, communicated.
    It will not survive alone in your heart.
    It needs to be free for us to live within its realm.

  11. “I live in the present ready for the future”

  12. Behavior and Beliefs

  13. The Narrative

  14. Bias and prejudice

    • Bias is not propaganda. Or rather bias, because it is the assumption, is not induced by propaganda.
      Propaganda is a simplified and limited amount of usually unsubstantiated information endlessly repeated to a point where it becomes an unchallenged truth. The result is mass indoctrination. It plays on instincts of fear and a need to be reassured so we can keep on coping.
      Bias is a position taken, strong or otherwise, from the sum of experiences gained from active evaluation of facts. It’s about using reason and simultaneously challenging your tools for reasoning.
      Propaganda, like dogma strangles reason.

  15. Lies is the new truth
    The problem with dishonesty is that it creates the backdrop to lies. And once down this road paved with lies, the only reasonable solution to any problem is more lies. As Hitler duly noted that forgetting is the prerogative of the masses, once far down that road, it becomes the truth. In many ways, it is the truth. The truth about us.
    So if we go back to the roundabout of choices we make as a community, we may want to force the lorry of imperialism out the first exit. It leads to the black hole of history…away from the galaxies of a moral culture.

  16. Thr Predators.
    They give themself the moral justification to act as they do through race, ethnicity, patriotism and exception. By default for them, it’s a jungle out there. The primitive “Us or them”. They have to, else how could they live with their conscience? They dehumanize their humanity.

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